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Besides gracing the front page of the newspaper since 1901, I also spend time watching Twitter. Here’s some notable tweets from the week.

(Try being born in 1901 and hearing that.)

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Besides the draft, a packed meeting about proposed intersection closures along Gravois sparked discussion.

See transportation reporte
@LeahThorsen for more information about Gravois and other St.
Louis-area roads.

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News of six Baltimore police officers being charged after the death of Freddie Gray spread through Twitter Friday morning. Local activists, including Justin Hansford, a St. Louis University Law School professor, responded after hearing Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn J. Mosby announce the charges. 

And Ferguson Commission member Brittany Packnett:

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There are so many tweets about #giveSTLday that a ‘bird can’t pick just one. The ‘tag is intended to highlight the power of charitable donations to local groups. Search the hashtag to see what Tuesday will bring, and go to

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Another inspirational hashtag that trended recently: #ReachHigher. The effort was sparked by first lady Michelle Obama and is intended to encourage high school students to continue their education with college or professional training. In St. Louis, the nonprofit @CollegeBoundSTL used the hashtag in several tweets about students in its program.

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A few tweets that made me smile:

Spot something you want me to see? Make sure to let me know on Twitter: @Weatherbird.

I'm such a handsome fella. 
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