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Sunsets Live

A beautiful red sunset covered the sky over Forest Park on Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015, lighting up the Grand Basin and the sky behind the Art Museum. The colors lasted for only a few minutes before the sky turned dark. Photo by J.B. Forbes, 
by bomalley

What makes a good sunset? Laura Kanofsky, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in St. Louis, said a pretty sunset can be a result of either a very clear sky or a very colorful sky, depending on people's taste.

A clear sky, so the viewer can see the sun on the horizon as it sets, would be the result of an arctic air mass. For dramatic sunsets with a lot of color, a viewer would hope for a cloudier sky. As the sun moves, the light illuminates the cloud layers in different ways, creating a range of colors.

If the atmosphere has a lot of the right type of particles (such as smoke from a wildfire), the sunset can be very colorful as the particles catch and diffuse the sunlight, Kanofsky said. Particles from pollution don't create this effect, she said.

And from earlier in January.

Beautiful sunset after work!! #stlsunset #january #beautifulcolors #nofilter
by carmensmith1986 via Instagram

Sometimes you just have to go home. #nofilter #southcitystlouis #southhampton #stlsunset
by devon_nicole92 via Instagram

Sunset off our bedroom deck tonight...24 degrees but gorgeous #januarysunset #stlsunset #beautiful
by ashbur75 via Instagram

Chasing a gorgeous sunset tonight in St. Louis👏💛 #stl #stlwx #BuschStadium #stlouiscardinals #baseballheaven #ipulledoverforthis #hereisstlouis
by debfene via Instagram


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